Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're Here! Watch out SpringHill they're back!


As most of you know there is a very generous donor at our church that sends the youth to SpringHill Camp every year. This is the week that my girls went. Here are a few photos to commemorate Drop-off Day!


P7130015 P7130024

Kesia is a Cheetah Girl in the JJ with her counselor Sam by the Danielle by her cabin in Lothlorian!

TreeHouses of StoryBrook! Barbershop in the Pioneer Village!


Danielle made friends right away. On the left, Erica was a cabin mate from last year. In the middle is Jo Jo. This is her first year so Danielle said she'd show her the ropes.

P7130021 P7130022

There was some major damage to Copper Country in early June when a storm damaged or destroyed around 500 trees. As I toured the camp I sew a huge change from last year. They have done an incredible job of cleaning up but the loss of trees is definitely felt.

Tomorrow is Pick-up Day. Hopefully I will be a little quicker in getting those pictures up!

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