Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're Here! Watch out SpringHill they're back!


As most of you know there is a very generous donor at our church that sends the youth to SpringHill Camp every year. This is the week that my girls went. Here are a few photos to commemorate Drop-off Day!


P7130015 P7130024

Kesia is a Cheetah Girl in the JJ with her counselor Sam by the Danielle by her cabin in Lothlorian!

TreeHouses of StoryBrook! Barbershop in the Pioneer Village!


Danielle made friends right away. On the left, Erica was a cabin mate from last year. In the middle is Jo Jo. This is her first year so Danielle said she'd show her the ropes.

P7130021 P7130022

There was some major damage to Copper Country in early June when a storm damaged or destroyed around 500 trees. As I toured the camp I sew a huge change from last year. They have done an incredible job of cleaning up but the loss of trees is definitely felt.

Tomorrow is Pick-up Day. Hopefully I will be a little quicker in getting those pictures up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going to New York - in March

I'm gonna go back and catch you up on events between Christmas and Memorial Day. Danielle and JJ were in New York with Gramma from mid-January to Mid March when I went out to pick them up. Due to a car crisis we took the train out. It was nice not to have to drive but it was kinda nerve wracking with 2 children under 2 and a 7 yo.  Here are a few pictures of the kids on the train. They made friends with kids from a family that was sitting near us.

P3140001 P3140003

This little cutie is Gabriel.                             He found Aubrey's toy fascinating.

P3140006 P3140007

Kesia plays dolls with her new friend.            Aubrey gets a quick snooze right before we arrive.


Here are some snapshots while we were there. I'm sorry I was too busy to get the camera out a lot!

P3170018                   P3230021 

A & A want to work on the computer like the rest!         I think he just collapsed. What so you think?

 P3230023                                              P3230025

Danielle ready to go.                                                                  JJ looks ready too!

Danielle caught the red sun on our way home through Canada.



Maybe tomorrow I can get the camp photos up. Any bets?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kid's Klub Carnival

Here is a slideshow of the Kid's Klub Carnival. We all had a Blast! I think the pictures pretty much tell the story but just ask if they don't. I'm sorry the pictures are mostly my kids but we were talking the pictures. Go Figure!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Danielle Peck, meet Danielle Peck.

While we were visiting Gramma Marcia for Easter, we found out that Danielle Peck, the country singer, was going to be in Big Rapids on April 26th. My Danielle has been waiting for her to be near us for a few years so she got really excited. She worked hard and wrote a very nice letter asking for help meeting the star with her name.

Here is what she wrote...


My name is Danielle Peck, no I'm not joking, I'm 13 and I live in the
middle of nowhere actually northern Michigan.
I found out about Danielle Peck when I was ego-surfing Google and all
that came up was about her. I clicked a link to her song "I Don't" and I
loved it. I had everyone listen and they loved it too, so my Dad
pre-ordered an autographed copy of her first CD. When we got the CD
everyone listened to it and loved it, so my Mom and Dad got it for
everyone on the Christmas list.
My Dad said if I found a concert close enough we would probably be able
to go, so I checked her site almost everyday but there was nothing close
enough. While we were on vacation my Dad checked and found out about her
concert at the Ferris Fest April 26 in Big Rapids, MI. when he told me I
couldn't believe it!!
It would mean so much to me if I could meet Danielle Peck. I've wanted
to since I saw her name on Google. Thank you so much for reading my
E-mail. You can contact me at my e-mail or my moms
e-mail or call 231-898-3245.

Danielle Peck

We sent this letter to Danielle Peck's tour company, the Ferris Fest organizers, a local country station, and the Big Rapids Pioneer paper. Within a couple of hour Danielle heard from Josh Fulmer of Dreamcatcher Entertainment telling her that he would make this happen. How cool is that! She also received an email from Lindsey Wahowiak, a staff writer for the Pioneer. She sounded very excited about getting this meeting to happen and she asked if she could write a story about the meeting. Of course, the answer was "YES!"

Here are a couple of pictures from the meeting and the articles that Lindsey wrote.

This was printed in the Pioneer on April 23,2008.

This one was printed April 28, 2008 in the Pioneer.

How Cool was this. The whole family got to meet Danielle Peck and we have souvenirs to prove it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Christmas... In February?

Ok, Here are the Christmas pictures. I'll let them speak for themselves.

That's all for today. I hope you've enjoyed these.

Another month has flown by...

I have found that time flies by when you have 3 young children and your older "helpers" are away. Here are a few more posts to get caught up to this year...
Last November was difficult. Fred Gibbons, Trevor's step-dad, passed away Nov. 21st. He was a very special man and I thank him for helping Trevor grow into the man he is now. We mad a trip out to New York to say goodbye and be close to those who we needed most. here are a few pictures from that trip.

On the way out JJ was trying to find a quiet private place to talk to either her dad or Gramma
Marcia. That is always difficult in a small hotel room. Sorry JJ.

While we were there Trevor had the chance to read to the smallest ones. Aubrey was always the first to crash in daddy's arms.

We were blessed to be meet a very special family. This is a picture of their goat. It decided to show off when the Buck's brought us over for dinner.

Here Austin thinks he's ready to eat. He had to move to a stool to reach his food though.

Here is most of the family plus many new friends at a special music "jam" session Sunday afternoon.

Sorry to interrupt you honey. I just wanted a picture of you playing the guitar.

We took two of our new friends to the pool to have fun in the pool. Here M and J are swimming with Danielle and JJ.

Well, I guess it's almost time for me to post some Christmas pictures... only 2 months late!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dare Devil or Escape Artist in the Making?

Aubrey is in the stage in her life where she is not afraid of doing anything...

Here she is riding the rocking chair. Yes, that is a concrete floor!

See how she can climb on anything. No, she doesn't necessarily stay on long.

Now she has figured out how to open the hotel room door. I had to make sure that extra safety lock was on the whole time!

I guess she wants to get packed too. Don't worry. I won't forget you!